Create Web, iPhone, & Android apps online without coding.

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Build high quality mobile apps online using Windows, Mac, or tablets.

Looking to build a high quality mobile app for yourself, organization, or business?  EasierApp provides an easy-to-use online control panel allowing anyone to create breathtaking web & native apps using only a standard web browser. No programming or coding required! With EasierApp’s online control panel you only need to point, click, and save! After reading this 10 minute tutorial, you will be on your way to creating your very own HTML5, iPhone, & Android app like a pro!

Get started by creating an EasierApp account.

EasierApp offers everyone a 2 week free trial (no credit card required) to build beautiful HTML5, iPhone, & Android apps. To create your own mobile app simply click the link below to get started. You have nothing to lose.



Create iPhone & Android app

Adding pictures, event calendars, shopping carts, and more

Now that you have your free trial account it’s time to start adding content to your app! EasierApp makes its simple to add pictures, video, bios, restaurant menus, event calendars, Google Maps, shopping carts, and much more. Even better, all these things can be added to your mobile HTML5 web, iPhone, & Android apps without coding in HTML, Xcode, or Java.

Once logged in to your account, you will see an area called “Content”. Click the “Content” tab to start adding your content. You will see you can add HTML content, links to web pages & click-to-call phone numbers, your social media links, custom scratch off coupons, event calendars, restaurant menus, and addresses with Google Maps, just to name a few. If you have questions there is a “Video Tutorial” link at the upper right corner of each section in the control panel to answer your question.  If that isn’t enough send us a support request and we’ll be glad to help.

App online control panel

Styling, themes, & colors

What sets EasierApp apart from the rest (other than our fanatical dedication to customer service) is that our software allows you to build apps that are both functional AND extremely beautiful. Once you have added your content, it’s time to make your app  a beautiful work of art you can be proud of!

In the control panel you will find an area called “Styles & Colors”. Within this area you create all the styling aspects of your HTML5, iPhone, & Android app. Simply using color pickers and sliders, you will transform your app from dull grey-scale to an elegant app that matches your businesses’ personality. Each area of your app can be customized from the photo gallery to the header to the forms.

App colors control panel area

Publishing your app to Google Play & iTunes.

Now that you’ve created your app the last step is to get it published to the download stores. But how? The Google Play Store and iTunes app submission process is confusing to say the least.  Without app submission experience you will quickly become frustrated. EasierApp is sympathetic to this problem and has devised a very easy solution.

We will submit your app to Google Play and iTunes for you free of charge!

App submission is simple and free with EasierApp, however Apple and Google do charge you a developer fee.  Currently, Apple charges $99/year to be listed in iTunes, and Google charges a one time $25 fee.

EasierApp’s highly trained software engineers will generate the required binary code from your creation then supply that code to Google Play and iTunes for submission. It’s that simple! The only requirement from you (other than paying the developer fees) is to complete a form in the control panel that includes app title, description, category, and home-screen icon.

Once submitted to EasierApp, an engineer will review your app and offer recommendations (if any) to increase the chances of approval on the first submission. Once the review process is complete, EasierApp will submit your app to the Google Play Store and iTunes leaving you completely headache free!

Publish native app control panel

So why not give EasierApp a try? Click the link below to start today!